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Ones v. Units: A Place Value Debate

1st June 2020

When teaching place value, what terminology do you use? Hundreds, tens and units? Or hundreds, tens and ones? Here, I share my own experiences and explore some of the arguments for and against both 'Ones' and 'Units'.

42 Outdoor Activity Ideas

6th May 2020

Spending time outside is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle - both mentally and physically. In this journal entry, I have collated a range of outdoor activities for you to share with your children.

11 Intriguing Images for Creative Writing

27th April 2020

Are you looking for some captivating writing prompts? These eleven intriguing images can spark endless trains of thought and countless questions, leading to some top-notch creative writing.

Teach Primary: Adverb Assault Course

19th April 2020

This month's issue of Teach Primary magazine features my fun and effective English lesson plan that gets children active whilst embedding their grammatical knowledge of verbs and adverbs.

SATs Practice: A Waste of Time?

15th April 2020

With the majority of children in lockdown at home and this year's exams cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, should all that exam preparation go to waste? In this post, I discuss whether revision is still important.

Activities for Children at Home (Part 6): Science

23rd March 2020

In the final entry of my 'Activities for Children at Home' journal series, I share a range of fun and educational activities related to Science and Nature.

Activities for Children at Home (Part 5): Music & PE

22nd March 2020

Each day, I have been sharing several home-based educational ideas for different subjects. Today, I will be suggesting activities relating to Music & PE.

Activities for Children at Home (Part 4): English

21st March 2020

Today's entry to the series focuses on English activities and ideas. I hope to provide you with a wide range of educational suggestions to keep your children occupied while they are at home.

Activities for Children at Home (Part 3): Art

20th March 2020

In the third instalment of my 'Activities for Children at Home' journal series, I share a range of art-based activities to encourage creativity and innovation.