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11 Intriguing Images for Creative Writing

~ 27th April 2020 ~

“A picture paints a thousand words.”

And a picture can, without a doubt, inspire a student to write 1000 words. In this journal entry, I want to share with you some fascinating photographs that can be used as writing prompts. These intriguing images can spark endless trains of thought and countless questions, leading to some top-notch creative writing.

I suggest using the images to ignite your pupils’ imaginations and provide an opportunity for an extended piece of writing. Ask them to generate their own questions about the images or provide them with question prompts to help them to mind-map their thoughts and ideas. Using visual stimuli can certainly help children to build their vocabulary and improve their use of descriptive language.

For all the images listed above, I have produced accompanying resources which are available to download from my TES shop.

Intriguing Images Creative Writing Prompts

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Image credits to: Joan Verstuyft, Tom Cash, Thomas Kelley, Fred Kearney, Kevin Noble, Matt ArtzRene AsmussenJohn-Mark Smith, Snapwire, Gratisography


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