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Activities for Children at Home (Part 5): Music & PE

~ 22nd March 2020 ~

This is part four of my ‘Activities for Children at Home’ journal series. Each day, I have been posting several home-based educational activities for different subjects. I have already discussed suggestions for Maths, History, Geography, Art and English activities. Today, I will be sharing ideas for Music and PE. Check back tomorrow for some Science ideas.


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Listening – Allow your children to listen to different styles and genres of music. Can they pick out the different instruments being played? Can they clap along to the rhythm of different songs?

Playing – If your child has access to musical instruments, great! Give them time to practise playing them. If not, don’t worry, get out the pots, pans and wooden spoons. There are lots of ways to make different sounds with household objects. Give your child the freedom to explore different ways to make music (although you may need some ear plugs yourself! ?).

Singing – It is always nice to sing, whether you can hold a tune or not. Sing with your children throughout the day. This can be nursery rhymes or singing along to the radio or your favourite Spotify playlists! You could even make a playlist specifically of your child’s favourite songs.


Yoga – Yoga is a great way for children to exercise and it is also good for their mental wellbeing. It does not take up much room and there are lots of videos on YouTube that you can follow. It allows children to focus on their breathing as they move which can be a great tool for helping them calm down or overcome anxieties.

Obstacle Course – If you have a suitable garden, set up an obstacle course using a range of items. Children can try to compete against each other or against themselves to complete the course with the fastest time. This is a wonderful way for them to use up some of that boundless energy!

Housework – As you well know, housework can be tiring. Don’t be afraid to ask your children to help you while they are at home. It is good for them to learn about household chores and that things don’t just get done by the “washing fairy”. Younger children will more than likely find it quite fun to assist you with your daily jobs.

Thank you for reading. I hope that some of these activities come in useful while your children at home. If you have any other suggestions, I’d love to hear them so get involved by clicking the button below.

Check back tomorrow to read the final entry in this series – Science! ???

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