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Teach Primary: Empire Windrush

6th September 2018

I am pleased to announce that I have contributed to this month's issue of Teach Primary magazine with a Key Stage 2 lesson plan on the Empire Windrush for Black History Month.

5 Minute SEN Bags: Reading and Writing Activities

6th June 2018

In this entry, I share some of my favourite Twinkl teaching resources for supporting SEN pupils with their reading and writing development.

5 Minute SEN Bags: Maths

20th May 2018

Specifically tailored to the individual targets of SEN pupils, I created "5 Minute Maths Bags" to provide pupils with short yet challenging activities that they can complete somewhat independently.

The Guardian: EAL Feature

16th March 2018

Last month, I wrote a journal entry about Useful Twinkl Activities fo New EAL Starters. The following week, I received this tweet from Matthew Jenkin, asking to interview me about teaching EAL students.

Launching a Science Week

7th March 2018

Organising a school Science Week for the first time can be a daunting task, especially if you're new to the role of Science Coordinator, as I was. My intention and hope for Science Week was to promote a love of all things scientific.

My 10 Most Popular Resources

20th February 2018

As a contributor to TES, I thought I'd share with you my most popular resource from the last 12 months. Hopefully they can be helpful to other teachers and save you some precious time.

Useful Twinkl Activities for New EAL Starters

7th February 2018

Receiving a new EAL pupil, with little to no English, can be a daunting prospect for any teacher. In this post, I share a few great Twinkl activities I have used with EAL pupils.

5 Useful Apps for Teachers

22nd January 2018

Although there are many useful educational apps that can be accessed by pupils within the classroom, this post recommends apps for aiding teachers with planning and organisation.

Preparing for September

15th August 2017

What colour do you associate with September? This was a question we were asked in a recent CPD session. We had quite the rainbow of answers. I chose green. Green - for fresh starts and the turning over of new leaves.