Teach Primary: Stone Age Life

Teach Primary: Stone Age Life

30th October 2019

This month, you can read one of my Stone Age lesson plans in Teach Primary magazine. Aimed at Year 3 pupils, this lesson allows children to explore the challenges faced by Stone Age men and women through role-play and creative writing.

Before teaching this lesson, children should already have been introduced to the Stone Age topic and have some prior knowledge. You will also need at least two adults to deliver this lesson – one to lead the hunters and one to lead the gatherers.

Whenever I have taught this lesson, my class have thoroughly enjoyed it and have produced some fab diary entries from the point of view of a Stone Age man or woman.

During this lesson, children have opportunities to:

  • Devise historically valid questions about Stone Age life.
  • Construct an informed response using relevant historical information.
  • Recognise the challenges faced by hunter-gatherers in the Stone Age.
  • Identify similarities and differences between Stone Age life and life today.

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Teach Primary Stone Age Lesson Plan Year 3 Miss Britton