Teach Primary: Post Office Maths

Teach Primary: Post Office Maths

22nd November 2018

I am delighted to be featured in this month’s issue of Teach Primary magazine. I have contributed to the publication with a Key Stage 2 Maths lesson plan on measurement. This is quite a hands-on lesson that does require a fair amount of preparation – the results are worth it though!

Pupils come away from this lesson having applied measurement skills to a real life scenario whilst developing mathematical fluency and reasoning skills. Children have opportunities to:

  • use a range of measuring tools
  • interpret information presented in tables
  • read scales with increasing accuracy
  • measure, compare, add and subtract masses and lengths.

The Scenario

The classroom is a Post Office and there has been a parcel mix up! Children are presented with various parcels and clues. They must measure the dimensions and mass of each parcel accurately in order to work out which label should be attached to which parcel, as well as identifying the total postage cost.

Read the lesson plan.

Teach Primary Double Page Spread November 2018 Post Office Maths