Teach Primary: Perimeter Problems

Teach Primary: Perimeter Problems

12th September 2019

Once again, I am proud to have one of my lesson plans featured in this month’s issue of Teach Primary magazine. This one is a KS2 Maths lesson with a focus on calculating perimeter. In this lesson, children apply their knowledge and understanding of perimeter to real-life scenarios, including creating a school garden and putting up a fence around an adventure playground.

This lesson has always produced fantastic results, with children finding it both enjoyable and memorable. Having the opportunity to solve real-life problems relating to their own school environment really gives the children ownership of their learning. I have found that this lesson definitely helps to solidify pupils’ understanding of what perimeter is.

During this lesson, children have opportunities to:

  • calculate the perimeter of a range of shapes
  • solve problems involving perimeter
  • measure, compare, add and subtract lengths
  • solve multi-step problems in context

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Teach Primary Miss Britton Perimeter Problems