Setting Up an Eco Council

25th September 2019

Having always been keen to do my bit for the environment, I decided to set up an Eco Council at school. If you're considering doing something similar, hopefully this short guide will help you to get started...

Teach Primary: Perimeter Problems

12th September 2019

Once again, I am proud to have one of my lesson plans featured in this month's issue of Teach Primary magazine. This one is a KS2 Maths lesson with a focus on calculating perimeter. In this lesson, children apply their knowledge and understanding of perimeter to real-life scenarios...

2019/20 Calendar of Notable Dates & Events

6th August 2019

"If only I had known about this sooner, I could have done this great activity with my class or I could have done an assembly about this topic..." It is because of this problem that I have created a calendar of notable dates and events for the upcoming academic year.

Teach Primary: Pizza Fractions

21st July 2019

This month's issue of Teach Primary magazine features another of my lesson plans. This one is a KS2 Maths lesson with a focus on fractions. In this lesson, children get to act as chefs adding ingredients to pizzas. 

20 Inspiring Classroom Quotes

8th July 2019

I often choose to display quotes around my classroom as I believe that they can have a huge impact on the way people think. These are some of my favourite quotes to inspire children.

Author for CGP Books

12th June 2019

Recently, I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to write for CGP Books. I have written the questions and activities for their KS2 Geography Rivers Activity Book.