My 10 Most Popular Resources

My 10 Most Popular Resources

20th February 2018

As a contributor to TES, I thought I’d share with you my most popular resource from the last 12 months. Hopefully they can be helpful to other teachers and save you some precious time.

1. 3D Shape Properties

Maths 3D Shape Properties Worksheets

This pack contains differentiated worksheets for children to complete. Each worksheet contains photographs of 3D shapes that the children must construct then answer questions about their properties.

Download my 3D Shape Properties on TES

2. Boxing Up Story Planner

Literacy English Boxing Up Story Planner

This template allows children to ‘box up’ a traditional tale in order to make their own story. They can clearly see the main parts of the story then substitute in their own ideas and add further details.

Download my Boxing Up Story Planner on TES

3. Newspaper Template

Blank Newspaper Template

A template worksheet for writing newspaper articles. This worksheet consists of two columns with lines for writing on. There is a space for a heading and two subheadings. A space for a picture and caption is also provided. A great resource that can be used in a range of lessons.

Download my Newspaper Template on TES

4. Products and Factors Investigation

Maths Products Factors Investigation

Three investigations involving products and factors. I laminated these so they can be reused with different groups.

Download my Products and Factors Investigation on TES

5. Doubles and Halves Word Problems

Maths Doubles Halves Word Problems

A set of 12 cards for children to choose from, each with a different word problem containing doubling and halving problems.

Download my Doubles and Halves Word Problems on TES

6. The Twits – Reading Comprehension

The Twits Reading Comprehension
A set of reading comprehension questions based on the Roald Dahl book, The Twits.

Download my The Twits reading comprehension on TES

7. Doubling and Halving Word Problem Booklet

Maths Doubles Halves Problems Booklet
Two differentiated booklets containing word problems that involve doubling and halving.

Download my Doubling and Halving Word Problem Booklet on TES

8. My Marvellous Medicine

Georges Marvellous Medicine Recipe Worksheet

Created while reading George’s Marvellous Medicine with a Year 3 class. I have included an example of a recipe for George’s Marvellous Medicine and a blank template for children to write their own recipe. This made some lovely display work.

Download my My Marvellous Medicine resource on TES

9. BFG Frobscottle Recipe

The BFG Fantastic Frobscottle Recipe Worksheet

Whilst studying the BFG, I got my class to make their own Frobscottle using lemonade, ice cream and green food colouring. They then wrote up their recipes using these differentiated templates.

Download my BFG Frobscottle recipe on TES

10. Features of a Letter

Literacy English Features of a Letter

Two worksheets where children can identify the features of a letter. The worksheet for the lower ability children has a word bank to aid them in labeling the features. The highest ability children could identify and colour the features of a letter then create their own key.

Download my Features of a Letter resource on TES