Just Keep Swimming!

Just Keep Swimming!

26th May 2016

So… this is my very first journal post.

My name is Julianne Britton and I am a passionate and enthusiastic primary teacher. I enjoy planning lessons and creating resources that will engage and inspire children. It is important that children develop a love of learning while they are young so that they will grow into conscientious, curious and committed individuals.

With that said, the life of a teacher can be extremely demanding and many of us have thought about quitting.

Teaching is not so much a career… but a lifestyle.

As a teacher, your social life definitely suffers and it can be straining on your relationships. The workload is heavy and it could take up every minute of your day if you let it. Ultimately, however, it is a very rewarding career choice and I’d like to encourage others to stick at it.

Entering my fourth year of teaching, I, by no means, have all the answers but I am willing to share some of my ideas and the lessons I have learnt along the way. I intend to post about: planning methods; useful resources; lesson ideas; lifestyle tips; organisational suggestions; and perhaps the occasional snippet of humour. If this blog can inspire only one teacher to “just keep swimming” (as Dory would say), then I would be a very happy teacher.

Dory Finding Nemo Just Keep Swimming

Thanks for reading.