Activities for Children at Home (Part 3): Art

Activities for Children at Home (Part 3): Art

20th March 2020

Welcome to part 3 of my ‘Activities for Children at Home’ series. Today, I’ll be sharing Art activities. If you missed the previous posts, catch up on potential Maths activities and History & Geography activities.

Art Equipment Colourful Stationery

Card-making – Is a family member’s birthday coming up? Or perhaps a special day like Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day or an anniversary? It is always nice to receive a handmade card. Provide your child with a range of craft materials and give them free rein or look online for card ideas and give them something with more structure.

Drawing & Painting – Depending on the resources you have available, painting and drawing is always a fun option. Children can be left to draw from their imagination or you can give them something specific to draw or paint e.g. flowers, plants, fruit, ornaments, shells etc. Encourage them to think about the colours, shapes and use of line to convey texture.

Photography – Allow your child to use a camera/phone/tablet for an hour or so. Task them with photographing anything round the house with an interesting or unusual shape. Explain that they can zoom in to take close up photographs. They can then review their photographs and even use them to create some abstract drawings or paintings.

Collage – Cut up old magazines, flyers, packaging etc. and allow children to make a collage. I am sure they’ll come up with some wonderfully imaginative creations.

rainbow clay play dough

Sculpting – Children could use modelling clay or play-dough to mould and sculpt various things. If you do not have access to clay or play dough, you can always make your own play dough. Alternatively, recycle cardboard boxes, yoghurt pots, straws, egg boxes etc to build some creative constructions.

Rock Painting – Collect rocks and pebbles, either form your own garden or from a walk in the local area. Then ask children to paint the rocks. They could paint the rocks based on characters from books then use them as story-telling stones. Or, they could paint them as colourful beetles to decorate parts of your garden.

sewing materials thread buttons

Needlework – When your children are at home, why not take the chance to teach them how to sew, cross-stitch or even knit? If these are skills you have, pass them on to your children. If, like me, you do not possess these talents, there are many online tutorials you could follow.

Virtual Galleries – Although I have tried to limit the amount of screen time in my suggestions, this is a great activity. Some of the world’s best museums and art galleries offer virtual tours from the comfort of your own home. This is a fantastic way to introduce children to the works of various artists.

Thank you for reading! I hope this post has given you some ideas of things to do with your children. Why not use the button below to share some pictures and let me know how you get on?

Please check back tomorrow for some English activities. 😃 Remember to check out my other posts for Maths, History and Geography ideas.