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20 Inspiring Classroom Quotes

~ 8th July 2019 ~

A good quote can encourage you to see things from a different perspective.

A good quote can inspire you to think creatively.

A good quote can stick with you.

A good quote can motivate you to behave differently.

It is for these reasons that I often choose to display quotes around my classroom. I believe that quotations can have a huge impact on the way people think. I want my pupils to:

  • have confidence in themselves
  • know that they can make a difference
  • believe that they can achieve their dreams
  • understand that it is good to be unique
  • want to learn
  • imagine the impossible
  • be thankful for what they have

These are some of my favourite quotes to inspire children. Download your own printable copy of these quotes from my TES shop.

AA Milne Classroom Literary Quote

Vincent Van Gogh Classroom Quote

Lewis Carroll Classroom Literary Quote

JK Rowling Classroom Literary Quote

Nelson Mandela Classroom Quote

JRR Tolkien Classroom Literary Quote

Roald Dahl Classroom Literary Quote

Dr Seuss Classroom Literary Quote

Walt Disney Classroom Quote

Dr Seuss Classroom Literary Quote

Dr Seuss Classroom Literary Quote

Dr Seuss Classroom Literary Quote

Maurice Sendak Classroom Literary Quote

Roald Dahl Classroom Literary Quote

Natalie Portman Classroom Quote

Mahatma Ghandi Classroom Quote

Roald Dahl Classroom Literary Quote

Hans Christian Anderson Classroom Literary Quote

Albert Einstein Classroom Quote

Albert Einstein Classroom Quote

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Julianne Britton is an experienced teacher and author. Having taught across KS1 and KS2 and after just 3 years, she was promoted into leadership and given the responsibility of 'Science and Computing Coordinator'.

Specialising in 11+ entrance exams and SATs preparation, she has also worked as a private tutor, successfully supporting the education of 50+ students and, in addition to writing for CGP Books and Teach Primary magazine, Julianne also publishes educational resources for teachers on TES.

Julianne is also a member of MENSA.

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